SLCC Enterprises Locum and Consultancy Service

SLCC Enterprises has now launched its new Locum service and a full Consultancy Service will be available in the near future. We are building a register of qualified and experienced Local Council Clerks who are ready to work with you to address any resource problems you have or help you to bring that important project to fruition.

The services we can provide include:


We maintain a register of qualified and experienced locums who can to cover for your Clerk or other staff member on a short or long term basis. If you have a need for cover for sickness absence, maternity leave or possibly an interregnum between one Clerk leaving and another being appointed our Locums may be the answer. With the Locum service we provide an interactive map showing where our locums are based and provide a summary of their qualifications and experience. Client Councils can then contact them directly and make appropriate arrangements. If you book a locum who is on the SLCC register a small fee will be payable.


This service will be available later in the year.

Provided by qualified and experienced practitioners the SLCC enterprises consultancy service will provide a flexible range of services tailored to help Council's ensure that they are operating efficiently and effectively. Whether you would like an overall health check, employment advice, all council training on general or specific topics or assistance with a key project or programme we may be able to help.

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Click here to see our interactive map and identify Locums living and working near you.

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Get a Consultant

The SLCC Consultancy Service will be available later this year. When this service is live you will be able to click here to register your requirements.