Register as a Consultant

This service will be available later in the year.

SLCC Enterprises consultancy service will be provided by qualified, experienced Clerks who have expertise in all aspects of local council work. We will tailor our work proposal to your needs. You may just need some advice on best practice or assistance in managing a major project. Whatever it is we should be able to help. Let us know your needs and we will discuss the options with you. Below are just some examples of the work we expect to be able to provide.

Council Health Check

Regardless of the size of your council a health check can help to ensure that you are following best practice. We can review your processes and procedures and provide a report showing areas which could be improved either making you more efficient or more effective. Do you have a community plan, or a council strategy? Are your procedures up to date and effective? Do you meet audit requirements? Is your health and safety policy up to date? Have you done your business interruption risk assessments? Do you have a complaints procedure? A freedom of Information policy. We can help.

Recruitment and employment advice.

We can help you to recruit your clerk, from developing a job description through to support with interviewing and contract drafting. We can also give advice on establishing a sound employment structure within the council. Please note however that we are unable to provide consultant support for the council if there is an existing dispute with an SLCC member.


We can offer trained trainers who can provide "all Council" training on any subject related to the running of Town, Parish, Community or Neighbourhood Councils. We can hold short or full day training sessions for all your councillors or staff. Whatever your training need we can help.

Local Council Project Support

If you have a project which you want to move forward do you need help with it? Whether you are building a new community centre, taking over highway maintenance, applying for Quality Council Status, considering clustering with your neighbouring parishes, applying for lottery funding or taking over the village pub. We can help.

Contact consultancy administrator Eileen Evans on 01823 253646 or email and she will arrange for us to discuss your needs. Alternatively complete the enquiry form and we will get in touch.