Register as a Locum

Councils regularly require locum Clerks to cover for short term workload peaks, sickness and maternity absences and interregnums between one Clerk leaving and another being appointed. Locum work can be rewarding and interesting both for former Clerks and practicing Clerks with extra hours available.

The SLCC locum service aims to provide a comprehensive national database of experienced and qualified Clerks who are available to work as a temporary locum Clerk in a Town Parish or Community Council in their area. You should register if you are interested in providing locum services, have appropriate qualifications and experience and can offer at least one day a week to a potential employer council.

Those wishing to register should complete the simple registration form attaching a recent photograph. This will be used to complete your profile on the locum database which potential employers can search to find suitable locums, Councils who wish to make use of your services will contact you directly and you should negotiate your contract directly with them. The Society provides a model locum contract and guidance for the benefit of member locums and employing councils.

The SLCC Locum service is funded through modest registration fees paid by locums and by service fees paid by councils. When applying to join the register you undertake to inform the SLCC of any contracts that you take up through the service so that the council can be invoiced for the service fee. Please complete the Notification Form.

Registration on the SLCC Locum service costs £100 + VAT per annum.

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